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Watch_Dogs Online Hacking Exploit Creates Issues

Watch_Dogs campaign has been well received by the community with Ubisoft's best ever sales figures, however, once the campaign finishes and you jump into the online hacking contract world, things get a little silly.

The forums are full of complaints as people battle it out for the league rankings on the game - unfortunately, right there, is where the exploit exists. Let me explain.

Once you go into 'Online Hacking' there comes a point when you may want to come out of it.

e.g. I watched Ellohime hit 100K followers and leave online hacking so he could chat to his Twitch followers for a few minutes.
This relieves you of your skills settings such as 'notoriety', which is reset to ZERO. What this allows you to then do, is remain in the same ranking level (as it's based on score, nothing else) so you can go back into the online hacking mode as a noob and secure mega points due to the way the ranking system works by fighting other noobs, when in fact you are ranked 3 in the world.

This effectively allows you to secure a ridiculous amount of points due to the reset and gain 500-600 points against a potential 70 points had you not reset. Not only that, but due to having no notoriety points, you actually have no points to lose before accepting the contract, therefore it' a win win situation.

Ellohime tripped over this method, however, as word spreads, the leaderboards will basically be full of exploiters until this is resolved. Ellohime is currently trying to promote this issue and we feel it is best for the game that this info is posted, to force Ubisoft (who also joined my stream recently) to fix it.

What are the options? Stop playing 'Online Hacking'? Ubisoft, this deserves your swift attention. Good players are getting grief due to your unknown exploit on Twitch.

Please help make this exploit visible to the community and more importantly Ubisoft, so it may be resolved.